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So many choices for care; how will you find the best fit,
and possibly get it paid for?

At-Home Healthcare ... Specialized Care-at-Home ... Adult Day Care
Independent Living ... Assisted Living ... Nursing Home

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Finally, Discover the Right Caregiving Answer
For Yourself, a Loved One, or a Very Special Friend

New Breakthrough DVD and Fact-Finding Questionnaires
Eliminates All the Guesswork, Misunderstandings and Fear of the Unknown
(and learn how to get certain caregiving services possibly paid for)

Doesn't Your Husband, Wife, Mom, Dad, Grandmother or Grandfather,
A Very Special Friend, or Even Yourself
Deserve the Finest Care Possible?

  • At last, the Fastest and Easiest Way to Understand the Differences Between the Variety of Caregiving Options Out There, and What Caregiving Services Are Potentially Offered At No Cost To You
  • Learn What Services At-Home Healthcare, Specialized Care-at-Home, Adult Day Care Centers, Independent Living Facilities, Assisted Living Communities, and Nursing Homes Do and Don't Offer to Find the Perfect Fit
  • Become Comfortable and Confident as You Find Out More About The Choices for Care from the Ease of Your Home Whether its for Yourself, a Loved o­ne or a Special Friend
  • Discover Your Caregiving Choices Today Rather Than Wait Until It's Too Late and Make the Wrong Decision or Worse Leave the Choice to a Stranger


I'd like to tell you a brief story. Like you, I was searching for information on what caregiving options were available and what each offered. In my case, I needed to discover these important facts for my aging Mother. Mom was still in fairly good health however I could see that at 83 years young, she was starting to need something. The question: what? You see Mom was now having trouble getting up the step to her apartment's front door, plus she was starting to forget things on a regular basis. I began to see a trend and was worried that she might slip and fall, or that she'd forget to turn the stove off after making herself a cup of coffee- Mom never did like to use a microwave and refused to let me buy her o­ne!

Both my wife and I work full-time, so I knew that Mom would soon require someone or something to help keep an eye on her. Most importantly, I wanted Mom to be comfortable and to live out the rest of her days (hopefully years) with the respect and dignity she's earned, so whatever I decided had to be the right choice for her. And I'll tell you a secret: Mom's changing condition was a wake-up call for me. I realized that I didn't want to wait until the last minute and then scramble around because there was no time to lose. I wanted to learn about the world of caregiving and not feel pressured to have to make a decision or worse have someone at a hospital force-feed me caregiving information because Mom had become too much of a risk to be on her own any longer!

You see, not o­nly Mom's life but all human life is important to me. I learned this first-hand several years ago when the airplane I was a passenger in crashed approximately 20 minutes after take-off. As the picture shows, it was a miracle I survived! Its equally stunning because all of the passengers and crew escaped the fire and smoke and lived to talk about it. As a result, I've come to treat each day as a gift.

With this thought in mind, I wanted to make sure that my Mother would receive just the right type of care for her special needs. I'm sure you feel the exact same way whether it's for yourself, a loved one, or a very special friend that's in need of a caregiving boost.

This said, finding just the right Choice for Care for Mom wasn't easy. I soon discovered that there really wasn't much information available all in o­ne place to help me compare o­ne caregiving possibility to the next. My o­nly alternative was to visit them all and personally speak to the people that would specifically be involved in my mother's care. Being o­n a mission, that's what I did!

I've Done the Work for You...
Just Sit Back, Watch, Listen and Learn

Today I'm pleased to offer you the results of spending countless hours studying the various caregiving options available. Now, rather than you personally visiting all of the caregiving choices to see what may or may not work, I'm happy to save you the time and trouble and give you a head-start. I'm proud to introduce you to The Choices for Care program. As its name says, this program truly is a complete analysis of all caregiving options. You get the following power-packed information line-up:

The Choices for Care DVD video program. Filmed live at actual Independent Living, Assisted Living, Adult Day Care and Nursing Home facilities along with specific home healthcare settings, you won't get any closer to these exclusive environments unless you step into them yourself. Experience first-hand what each particular caregiving option has to offer. Watch as actual residents and staff work together. You can enjoy the 35-minute DVD from start to finish, or just watch the caregiving segments you want. You'll discover:

  • The detailed type of care and services each option does and doesn't make available
  • The ability to compare and contrast what each caregiving choice presents
  • What kind of government and third-party payment opportunities each option allows
  • And much, much more

After watching Choices for Care you'll enjoy:

  • A better understanding of what caregiving selections are available for yourself, a loved o­ne, or a valued friend
  • The skill to pick what's the best potential choice or choices, plus the ability to eliminate the caregiving options that don't offer what's needed or wanted
  • The knowledge and confidence you'll want to take the next step in deciding what caregiving possibility works best for your situation

"I can't possibly put into words what this caregiving program has given me. I was faced with doing something about my father's care and didn't know where to turn. Thank goodness I learned about Choices for Care. The DVD is full of great information. It helped steer me to discover why either assisted living or a nursing home was best. I really liked the fact that you show actual scenes from all the caregiving choices because it really helped to see what they're like. Together with the written materials you provide, I was then ready to narrow down the process until as you say I found the right Choice for Care for my Dad. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
Lucille Dugger, Plano, TX

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Take Charge of Your Situation Today

Whether it's for yourself, a treasured relative like your mother, father, grandparent, sister, brother, in-law, or a valued friend, there's never been a better time to discover the best caregiving option for your situation. Just imagine the pain and heartache (not to mention the pressure) if you're forced to scramble around at the very last minute because you or your special someone:

  • Is checking out of the hospital and have been told it's not wise to live alone at home anymore because of a health concern ... what are you going to do now?
  • Is in need of some sort of caregiving help because of repeated falls in the home ... what are your best options out there?
  • Is not eating properly and/or forgetting to take medication at the proper times of the day ... what can be done?
  • Is facing a specific healthcare crisis that demands you or a special person in your life now needs professional caregiving help ... where do you go and where do you turn?

Why Would You Want to Wait to the Very Last Minute and
Then Try to Find Out What's Your Best Course of Action?

SPECIAL NOTICE: Let me be frank because this is a subject that demands complete honesty. If the person is you or your spouse that's in need of caregiving, don't you deserve to know as much as you can about the available choices out there? Now, you can make the right decision. And if care is needed for your mother, father or grandparent don't you owe it to them to find the best option to meet the need at-hand? Think back for a moment, when you were growing up wasn't Mom or Dad always there for you during the tough times, and did you ever have a bigger cheerleader than your Grandmother or Grandfather when you were a youngster?

Indeed we'd all like to picture our parents and/or grandparents as vital and full of life. Why wasn't it o­nly yesterday that Dad was up at dawn with the birds and racing out the door to hit another day o­n the job, and Mom was humming in the kitchen as she was making your favorite breakfast! Think back to the excitement you felt during the ride to your Grandparents' house- why you just knew there'd be an extra piece of pie or cake if you asked and could get the Sunday funnies read to you! And yet it isn't yesterday anymore. It's today and there are some decisions to be made that shouldn't be pushed to the side because you might not want to face them. Wouldn't you prefer to get the facts and then make the right choice coolly and calmly rather than feel rushed and pressured and make the wrong decision? That's where The Choices for Care program can and will help.

Act Now to Invest in Your Future or Your Special Someone's Tomorrow

For a very limited time get The Choices for Care DVD program for only $19.95 + $5.95 shipping and handling! Plus when you reserve your program, you'll get the following two free bonus gifts:

Free bonus gift #1: The Choices for Care Personal Questionnaire ©. Developed exclusively for this package, this questionnaire helps eliminate the guesswork involved when identifying the best possible caregiving options for yourself or a very special person in your life. The questions are specifically designed to identify the level of care that's needed for the situation at-hand and eliminate confusion as you pinpoint the best potential choices. A $29.95 value, it's free when you receive Choices for Care.

Free bonus gift #2: The Choices for Care Facility/Agency Questionnaire ©. Now that you've identified the best caregiving option(s) and eliminated others, what's your next step? The answer is to find out as much as you can about the exact care and services a facility or agency will and won't provide. This particular questionnaire is the finest document of its kind ever developed because it gives you specific information to make an educated decision. Each caregiving option (at-home healthcare, specialized care-at-home, adult day care, independent living, assisted living, nursing home) is listed with its own specific and targeted group of questions for you to ask, whether you're visiting a caregiving facility or healthcare agency in person, or calling via the phone. You're now comfortable in the process because you don't have to guess at what questions to ask, think on-the-fly, or worry that you might forget something to bring up. A $39.95 value, this very special questionnaire is yours with my compliments when you say yes to the Choices for Care program.

"I was totally lost until I discovered Choices for Care. I believed that I needed some care assistance. My wife had passed away about a year ago, and I've been alone with no other family nearby. I really didn't know where to turn to find answers for what was best for me. However, after watching the DVD and using the self-questionnaire I could see that the at-home healthcare option was perfect! Next, I went to the Yellow Pages and called two of the companies that advertised this kind of care and asked each of them the questions you supplied. It helped me to decide what company to meet. The care they provide has been outstanding and I wanted to write you this letter to express my gratitude."
Jerome V. Cummings, Sarasota, FL

Get Choices for Care Today and Take a Full Month to Review It
If You're Not Satisfied Return the Program for a Cheerful Refund

Receive The Choices for Care program and take 30 days from the time you receive it to watch the DVD and look over both the Personal Questionnaire along with the Facility/Agency Questionnaire. If during this time, you don't feel that the program will help you select just the right caregiving option for yourself, a loved o­ne or a very special friend then return it for a complete refund, no questions asked. What could be fairer?

As the saying goes, today is the first day of the rest of your life. That's true whether it goes for you or a treasured person in your life. No matter who it is, all of us deserve to spend our days in comfort and with the dignity and respect we've earned. With The Choices for Care program, this isn't just a wish; it's a reality. Now for the first time you can discover all the facts about the various caregiving selections available and feel good about your final decision. After all, you and/or your special someone deserve it!

With my very best wishes for your successful caregiving journey,
Chip Kessler
Developer and Producer
Choices for Care

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